Monday, February 18, 2013

Second best?

Mostly, I am glad to teach high school students.  (You can read that more than one way... I guess it is also true that I am mostly glad to be a teacher.  But what I originally meant was that I am mostly glad about the age group.)  My seventh grade advisees are great kids but they are a little young for me, to be honest.

But, every now and then a nine-year-old pops up and melts my heart.  Ninth graders don't have the charm of this kid's Pep Talk which has been making the rounds.  I was a little skeptical about Kid President being totally scripted, but then I saw this which only made me love him more.  Totally infectious giggle.

Kid President is pretty great, but he can't top Caine of Caine's Arcade.  I want to go to LA just to meet Caine.  I love his use of the square root key most of all.